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Sunday, 15 April 2007

Respon Dosis Vaksin Inaktif Chlamydosis

Proceedings of Temu Ilmiah VIII, 1999: 269
Pub. ISSN : 0918-7685


National Veterinary Drug Assay Laboratory , Gunungsindur, Bogor 162340

Nine 12-week-old specific-pathogen-free (SPF) cats were randomly divided into three groups. Groups A and B were vaccinated with an experimental vaccine derived from the Fe/145 strain of feline Chlamydia psittaci. Cats of group A were injected intramuscularly with vaccine containing 105.5ELD50 of Chlamydia and those of the group B were vaccinated with 104.5ELD50 of Chlamydia. Cats of group C were injected with suspension of sucrose-phosphate-glutamic acid and adjuvant as control. Vaccinations were performed twice. The second vaccination was done on 3 weeks post first vaccination. One week post second vaccination, cats were challenged intraocular with live feline C. psittaci B166 strain. Two cats of group A showed clinical signs of Chlamydiosis. All cats of the groups B and C showed the clinical signs. IgG antibody titer was determined by using microimmunofluorescence test. On the day of challenge, IgG antibody titers of cats of group A were 1:128 to 1:256, while those of group B were 1:64 to 1:128. The results indicate that cats should be injected with the vaccine containing Chlamydia more than 105.5ELD50 to give good protection against infection of Chlamydia.

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