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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

JICA’s Projects Implemented in Indonesia in FY 2007

JICA’s Grant Aid (10 projects)
• The Project for Water Supply in Gunungkidul Regency of Yogyakarta Special Territory (6.35)
• The Project for Expansion of Radio Broadcasting Coverage in the Remote Areas (3.57)
• The Project for Promotion of Sustainable Coastal Fisheries (10.70)
• The Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship (0.86)
• The Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship (1.25)
• The Project for Construction of Bridges in the Province of Nusa Tenggara Barat (3.86)
• The Project for Improvement of Animal Health Laboratories for Diagnosis of Avian Influenza and Other Major Diseases of Animals (17.81)
• The Project for Bridge Construction in the Province of Nusa Tenggara Timur (3.21)
• The Project for Rural Water Supply in the Province of Nusa Tenggara Barat and Nusa Tenggara Timur (2.45)
• The Grant Assistance for Underprivileged Farmers (4.20)

(Total of JICA’s Projects: 218 projects)
1. This list shows Grant Aid projects expedited by JICA
2. Figures in parentheses are the grant in fiscal 2007 (unit: 100millions of yen).

Development Studies (10 projects)

• The Study on the Improvement of Farmers' Income: Processing and Rural Micro Finance
• Study on Arterial Road Network Development Plan for Sulawesi Island
• The Study for Development of Greater Surabaya Metropolitan Ports in the Republic of Indonesia
• The Feasibility Study for the Strategic Implementation of CNS/ATM (Communications, Navigation, Surveillance and Air Traffic Management) Systems in the Republic of Indonesia
• Study on the Improvement of Employment Services in the Republic of Indonesia
• The Study on Capacity Development for Jeneberang River Basin Management
• The Study on Natural Disaster Management Plan
• Study on Regional Water Supply Development Plan for Greater Yogyakarta
• The Study on Countermeasures for Sedimentation in Wonogiri
• Study on Development of Regional Railway System in Central Java Region

(Total of JICA’s Projects: 117 projects)
This list represents Development Studies that were reported by the Japanese government to the recipient countries and whose main studies were implemented.

Technical Cooperation Projects (Formerly Project-type Technical Cooperation) (67 projects)

• Industrial Property Rights Administration (extension)
• Project on Capacity Building for Public Private Partnership (PPP) Operation
• Strengthening Spatial Utilization Monitoring System
• The Project to Deliver Safe Drugs to People in Indonesia
• Sulawesi Capacity Development Project
• Micro Finance for African Region: Establishing Micro Finance Institution (MFI)
• Capacity Building for Poverty Reduction
• The Project on Building Administration and Enforcement Capacity Development for Seismic Resilience
• Project for Improvement on the Vaccination Program for Avian Influenza Control in Indonesia
• The Integrated Program for Junior Secondary Education Improvement
• Project for Tourism Product Development
• Aircraft Accident Investigation Project
• ICT Capability Strengthening for e-Local Government
• Project on "Building a Society with a Sense of Safety in Bali"
• Project on Enhancement of Civilian Police Activities (Phase 2)
• The Project on the Capacity Development of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology concerning Digital Broadcasting Implementation Planning
• Project on Capacity Development for National Center of Indonesian Tsunami Early Warning System
• Tourism Marketing Planning
• The Forest Tree Improvement Project in the Republic Indonesia 2
• Improvement of Customs Administration Project
• Project for Dissemination of Appropriate Dairy Technology Utilizing Local Resources
• Competition Policy
• Local Educational Administration Improvement Program
• Reshaping Telecommunication Policy and Regulation In Comprehensive Market in Indonesia
• Industrial Property Rights Administration
• Project on Dissemination of Sustainable Marine culture Technology
• Improve drug supply management system and promote rational use of drugs
• Project on Human Resource Development for SMEs
• Project for Administration Improvement of Trade Related Regulations, Systems and Procedures
• Project for Shipping and Sea Transportation Improvement
• The Project for Research and Education Development on Information and Communication Technology in Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology
• The Project for Improving Higher Education Institutions through University-Industry-Community Links (Hi-Link) in Gadjah Mada University
• Strengthening in service teacher training of mathematics and science education at junior secondary level
• Central Jawa and DIY Earthquake Reconstruction Program Advisory Team
• Development Country Training Course of Artificial Insemination on Dairy Cattle
• Coal Mining Technology Enhancement Project (Flow Up)
• Project on Ensuring Maternal and Child Health Service with MCH Handbook Phase II
• Port Security Management Project
• International Training on Strengthening District Health Planning in the era of decentralization for improvement of the health status of children and mothers
• Enhancement of Marine and Fisheries Administration Under the Decentralization
• Capital Market Development Project
• International Training Course on Vocational Rehabilitation for Persons with Disabilities
• Improvement of Railway Safety Management - Phase 2
• Contingency Exercise on Airport Security
• Forest Fire Prevention Project by Initiative of people in Buffer Zone
• Development of Indonesian Ecolabel Program, Policy and Supporting tools
• Technical Cooperation Project for Modernization of Tax Administration
• Sub Sectoral Program on Mangrove
• Improvement of District Health Management Capacity in South Sulawesi Province Project
• The Project on Self-Sustainable Community Empowerment Network Formulation in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD) Province
• Seminar on Decentralization and Role and Function of Parliament and its Secretariat in Japan
• Project on Improvement of Collection Management and Biodiversity Research Capacity of the Research Center for Biology, Indonesian Institute of Sciences in Indonesia
• Support Program for Reform of Indonesian National Police
• Enhancement of Civilian Police Activities for Bali Regional Project
• The project on Improvement of Mediation System
• Capacity building for balance of payments and international economic management
• Monetary Policy Improvement Project
• The Development of Appropriate Technology for Multi-Story Residential Building and Its Environmental Infrastructure for Low Income People in Indonesia
• The Project of Research Cooperation on the Center for Japanese Studies, University of Indonesia, Phase III
• Gunung Halimun-Salak National Park Management
• The Institutional Revitalization Project for Flood Management in Jabodetabek
• Freshwater Aquaculture Development Project in Indonesia
• Project for Empowerment of Water Users Association
• Institutional Support for Food Security
• Project for the promotion of the sustainable coastal fisheries
• Beef Cattle Development Project Utilizing Local Resources in the Eastern Part of Indonesia
• Project for developing the information systems of small area statistics

(Total of JICA’s Projects: 748 projects)
This list represents Technical Cooperation projects that were reported by the Japanese government to
the recipient countries and which were implemented.

JICA Partnership Program (9 projects)

• Development of a Model System for Participatory Community Waste Water Treatment in Densely Populated Area of Yogyakarta Special Province
• Empowerment of coastal Fishing Community in South Sulawesi, through Technology Transfer of community-based Set-net for Sustainable Fisheries
• A Training Program for Environmental Education Leader in Semarang City
• The Project for Enhancing the Capacity of Dairy Farming Center in Enrekang District
• Bali Mynah Conservation Project
• International Cooperation Project for the restoration of the earthquake-hit area of Java Island
• Training of Community Health Nurses Coordinator in Indonesia
• Capacity Development for water quality management
• Capacity Development for Public Health Improvement in Papua province
• NGO Training for Disaster Risk Reduction in Asia (Malaysia, Afghanistan, India, Indonesia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines)

(Total of JICA’s Projects: 165 projects)
Note: -

Source: Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Annual Report 2008

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