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Sunday, 6 January 2008

Registration of pesticides

Based on: Chapter V of Minister of Agriculture decree N0. 434.1/Kpts/TP.270/7/2991 concerning Procedure of registration, there are 3 stages of procedure of registration, as follows:
1) Technical Data Submission
a. Written registration applications with sufficient stamped submitted officially to Director General of Agriculture Facility by the use of application forms (See: Registration Data). The application must complete all requirements according to regulation of pesticides registration requirements (See: Registration Requirements).
b. The registration application can be accepted if the applications meet all registration requirements as described in the forms of registration.
c. After receiving complete documents Director General of Agriculture Facility by advice and recommendation of Pesticides Committee have to complete examination and evaluation within 30 working days.
d. Based on advice and recommendation of Pesticides Committee, within 14 working days. Director General of Agriculture Facility granted Trial Clearance, Postpone Letter, or Refusal Letter to registration holder.
e. In case of suspension or detention of application Director General shall inform the applicant with sufficient reasons on written notice.
f. Th e Applicant will be granted prolonged opportunity to complete or renewal all

2) related document once Director General issuing the notice.

Pesticide Quality Test
a. Pesticides quality test are submitted by accredited research institutes or laboratory By National Accreditation Committee, The Agency for National Standardization (See: Laboratory of Quality Test) to Director General of Agriculture Facility and then Director General within 7 working days should carry out evaluation by using standard method which is regulated by Director General of Agriculture Facility based on advice and recommendation of Pesticides Committee. If the pesticides quality test met all requirements, then the pesticides quality test will be sealed and submitted to the registration holder.
b. After receiving the sealed pesticides quality test, the registration holder should immediately submit the samples to the accredited research institutes or research institutes appointed by Director General of Agriculture Facility to carry out Efficacy and Toxicity Test. In carrying out the tests, the research institutes must follow the standard methods which are regulated by Director General of Agriculture Facility.

3) Technical Data Evaluation
a. The reports of Efficacy and Toxicity Test should be submitted by the registration holder to Director General of Agriculture Facility for conducting further evaluation assisted by Pesticides Committee in-Criteria line with technical data evaluation procedures (See: Technical Criteria for Pesticides Registration).
b. Based on recommendation of Pesticides Committee, Director General of Agriculture Facility should propose the concept of Minister of Agriculture Decree within 90 working days.
c. The Minister of Agriculture Decree with regards to the number of registration and Provisional clearance is set up when:
a) Further tests on its safety to the environment and human health are needed;
b) The present of efficacy data was done by other institution.
d. The pesticides registration method above mentioned mutates mutandis are also valid to pesticides technical substances and pesticides for export unless for efficacy test, environment toxicology, resistance, resurgence and residue content then the above pesticides registration method are not required. The application form for registration, see Registration Data.
Maximum Pesticides Residue Limit (MRLs) is the maximum concentration of residue to be legally permitted or acceptable concentration in or on agricultural commodity, food or animal feed. The MRL’s expressed in mill grams of the residue per kilogram of agriculture product.

Objectives of Pesticides Supervision
Objectives of Pesticides Supervision, as follows :
1) To protect the human safety,
2) To protect natural sustainability and environment,
3) To secure the pesticides quality and effectiveness, and
4) To protect the pesticides formulation holder, retailer and the user.

Object of Pesticides Supervision

Object of Pesticides Supervision, as follows:
1) Quality and quantity of pesticides products, conducted by inspection quality and quantity of technical ingredient, formulation, package, wrap and label either domestic product or import.
2) Pesticides Residue, conducted through inspection of residue contain on agriculture products.
3) Environment, conducted by validity examination on environment effect during registration period as well as pollution impact caused by the use of pesticides.
4) Accident and working healthy, conducted by inspection of working accident during production process, distribution, storage, transportation as will as the use and dispose of pesticides.
5) Efficacy and resistances, conducted by inspection of efficacy and resistance level caused by pesticides uses.
6) Negative effect on human health, condition of plants, animal and wild animal, monitored by inspection of victims.
7) Permission and other documents, conducted by inspection of all permissions and other documents.
8) Publication on printing and or electronic media, conducted by inspection of advertisement, label, and brochures.
9) Facilities and equipments, conducted by inspection of building, storage, disposal treatment, machineries, equipments for production, storage, transportation and the use of pesticides.

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