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Friday, 2 May 2008

Sail Bunaken 2009

Come and join in the international event "Sail Bunaken 2009" for sharing new experience and exploring the marine beauty along with the marine lovers from all over the world in a spirit of adventure, graced by the marine paradise of Bunaken Sea.

"Sail Bunaken 2009" is jointly organized by the Ministry of Marine and Fishery Affairs, Provincial Administration of North Sulawesi, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and Navy Force of Indonesia, supported by the Directorate General of Immigration and other government institutions. The largest event of the year 2009 offers strategic business opportunities for various products and services.

1. Yacht Rally
2. Manado Bay Festival
3. Jetski Tournament
4. Fleet Review
5. Bunaken Carnival
6. Sandeq Race
7. Sailing Pass
8. Bunaken Diving Festival
9. Gala Dinner

The Largest and Integrated International Marine Event in 2009

Name of Events: Sail Bunaken 2009
Dates : August 12 - 20, 2009
Venue : Bunaken Sea Park, Manado - North Sulawesi, Indonesia
Agenda :
• Expo & Show
• Carnical & Festival
• Tournament
• Rally & Race
• Touring & Diving
• Fun & Games

Key Activities

The rally plies the route starting from East Nusa Tenggara to bitung in North Sulawesi, with participants from about 10 countries and former participants of the sail Indonesia.

Static parade of Warships and Tall ships from Indonesia and overseas by the port. Open ship Session, allowing the public to come aboard the ships.

Parade of sailing ships in a variety of formation at the Manado by area.

Exhibition of marine, sporting tourism products, entertainment and games

Marine development show-off, participated by various provinces of Indonesia and the participating ships at the Boulevard along the Manado Beach.

International diving festival, with participation by International divers, and fleet review participants.

Internayional jet ski racing competition.


Sailing race by Sulawesi traditional speed schooners

Date & Event

August 09-12,2009
Warships, Tallships, Yacht Arrived at Bitung, North Sulawesi

August 13, 2009
Welcome Party by Mayor of Bitung

August 16, 2009
Bunaken Carnival

August 14 - 17, 2009

August 14 - 16, 2009
a)Diving Tournament at Bunaken
b)Dinghy Race at Manado Bay (TBA)
c)Jetski Rally From Makassar to Manado (TBC)
d)Sandeq Race (TBA)

August 17, 2009
a)AM : Indonesia's Independence Parade at Governor's house, all Captain's are invited
b)PM : Dive Tour to Bunaken
c)PM : Sunset Cocktail Party / Gala Dinner, Prize Presentation and Cultural Show, hosted by Governor

August 18, 2009
a)AM : Free Tour for participants, supported and facilitated by province and Regent Government (TBA)
b)PM : Open Stage Music & Cultural Shows at Mando or Bitung (TBA)

August 19, 2009
Sail Parade at Selat Lembeh. All Vessels are Salute to the President of The Republic of Indonesia

August 20, 2009
All Vessels Leave Bitung

Registration online: