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Saturday, 9 August 2008

Agricultural Output

Agricultural Output in 2005 (Municipality Estimates)

Kagoshima was the 2nd largest agricultural producing prefecture, due to an increase in livestock production. Outline of Survey Results.

1.Agricultural output by prefectures.

Despite there being an increase in agricultural output of livestock production in 2005, because the value of vegetables and fruits decreased due to lowering prices, there was a change in the high ranking prefectures of agricultural production compared with last year.

Though Hokkaido remained 1st, Kagoshima prefecture (related highly to livestock production) came in 2nd (4th last year), then in order, Ibaraki (3rd last year), Chiba ( 2nd last year), and Aichi ( 5th last year).

The amount of agricultural output in the top 5 prefectures shared 30 % of the national total.

2.Looking at the largest agricultural production by prefecture in its major categories, Niigata produced 190.3 billion yen (9.4 % of national total) in rice, Chiba produced 165.3 billion yen (8.2 %) in vegetables, Aomori produced 72.2 billion yen (10.0 %) in fruits, Aichi produced 73.1 billion yen (18.0 %) in flowers, Hokkaido produced 70.3 billion yen (23.2 %) in industrial crops. The largest livestock output was in Hokkaido, amounting to 501.8 billion yen (18.6 %).

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