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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Case Definitions of Avian Influenza

1. Suspect Case

A suspect case is a person suffering from an upper respiratory tract infection with symptoms of fever (temp > 38°C), cough, and/or sore throat and/or runny nose, coupled with one of the following circumstances:
• Having visited a poultry farm where avian influenza occurred in the last one week;
• Having been in contact with confirmed avian influenza case during transmission period
• Working in a laboratory that is handling avian influenza-suspect human or animal specimen

2. Probable Case

A probable case is similar to a suspect case with one of the following conditions:
• Limited laboratory evidence suggesting the presence of Influenza A virus (H5N1), for example: Hemagglutination Inhibitation (HI) test using H5N1 antigen.
• Within a short period the disease turns into pneumonial infection/respiratory failure/death.
• There is no evidence suggesting other causes of death

3. Confirmed Case

A confirmed case is a suspect case or probable case coupled with the presence of one of the following laboratory test results:
• Positive culture for H5N1 influenza virus
• Positive PCR assay for influenza (H5)
• Four-fold increase of H5 antibody titer

Source : Komnas FBPI

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